Precision and Quality to Transcribe Your Audio and Video Files into Written Text

Need a French transcription or an English transcription? Look no further. Transcription Services specializes in the transcription of video and audio files into written text. At Transcription Services, we do not compromise on the quality of the written text. Our experienced team masters both English and French grammar and spelling.

In order to provide fast service and efficient results, we use state-of-the-art technological tools, to the great satisfaction of our clients.

Audio and Video Transcription: FR-FR/EN-EN

We offer faithful or improved transcription, based on your project requirements. We see to it that your transcription really meets your expectations and purpose, be it a verbatim, reformulated or smart text. Our experienced team is qualified to perform various types of transcription:

Videoconferences – Conference Calls – Online Training – Surveys – Podcasts – Individual Interviews – Focus Groups – Telephone Interviews – Town Halls – General Meetings – Text on images – Manuscripts – and much more

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Transcription Experience Developed with Passion

Transcription Services was established in 1996 by Christiane Côté and its expertise spans nearly 35 years. Having worked at the Translation Bureau of the Government of Canada for several years, Christiane Côté has developed a know-how where thoroughness and precision are essential. Surrounded by linguists, translators and interpreters, her company offers transcription services that exceed the expectations of their clients. Christiane and her team can clearly identify the requirements of each and every project they work on since they really understand the ins and outs of the translation and transcription world.

All of our audio/video transcription services in text are available in both French and English. Our priorities are to ensure quality of the language, accuracy of transcribed recordings and absolute confidentiality.