The Solution for Transcribing Your Audio and Video Recordings Efficiently

Transcription Services performs the transcription of audio or video recordings into written text, Word format or other formats, based on your preferences. We provide a high-quality service for each and every project entrusted to us thanks to our excellent knowledge of French and Canadian/US English spelling and grammar, thoroughness, precision and extensive experience, also allowing us to be fast, efficient and affordable.

Our team also transcribes text on images such as PowerPoint and PDF documents, video captions, manuscripts and handwritten notes.

Types of audio transcription offered by Transcription Services:

Transcriptionists at Transcription Services make sure not to alter the meaning of your message in any way, regardless of the type of transcription required.

Verbatim transcription

Verbatim (or word to word) transcription, also known as word-for-word transcription, consists of transcribing the entire audio into text. We provide faithful transcription of the video or audio recording, voluntarily leaving in all syntactic errors, repetitions, hesitations and language tics. All that is heard is transcribed into text. This type of transcription is particularly used for video editing and dispute resolution.

Reformulated transcription

Reformulated (or semi-verbatim) transcription aims to lighten a text to facilitate understanding. We reformulate certain sentences, expressions and uses of informal language to achieve high standards of written communication, both in English and in French. You get a refined and high-quality text that meets your needs. The reformulated transcription is used mainly for conferences, online training, research interviews, group discussions and surveys.

Smart transcription

Smart (or clean) transcription is the transposition of audio into writing without what is superfluous to the understanding of the text, such as laughter, repetitions, fillers and hesitations, in order to facilitate reading. This type of transcription is preferred for projects like podcasts, polls, debates, general meetings, conference calls, market research and interviews.

Let us direct you to the type of transcription that will meet your needs.

Word processing services (layout, tables, table of contents, etc.) are also available.


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